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packing bagsAny business, individual, or organization serving Menominee ( City and/or County ) may apply to join the MDBA..

Lighthouse Membership $300.00+

  • Receive special recognition by contributing $300 or more for your membership which includes an Enhanced Listing in the MDBA’s annual brochure/map.


Regular Membership $150.00 per year

Membership Application* These rates are prorated if the Regular Member joins on or after February 1st.

Membership is considered after completion of a membership application and payment of regularly scheduled dues.  All memberships shall be grated upon a majority vote conducted during regularly scheduled meetings.

Voting Rights of Members:

Each MDBA member shall have the right to cast one (1) vote on all matters voted upon at MDBA meetings.  Any business or organization with more than one (1) representative shall appoint one voting representative to cast that business’ or organization’s vote.  Votes may be cast in person or by proxy at any meeting of general membership or special committee.